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    • 05/05/2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • 05/06/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Cheltenham Center for The Arts
    • 10


    In this hands-on workshop, students will explore Faux Bone™. It’s an easy to use and extremely versatile material. Faux Bone™ It can be filed, heated and bent, hammered, polished, drilled, stamped, inlayed, dyed, and painted. It can be made to look like ivory, have the patina of aged ceramic, or be polished to a pure white.

    You can heat and bend the Faux Bone with nothing more than a small embossing heat-gun. It is so strong you can rivet on it, die form right into it, or hammer metal around it.

    Faux Bone™ is perfect for artwork as varied as jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants) and book making, sculpture, or printmaking. It’s nearly unbreakable and perfect for forming tools, tool handles and jigs.

    Since it’s so durable, Faux Bone can be used to make the dies for die-forming.

    It can be easily embossed to make texture plates for metal and polymer clay. You can use it to simulate Scrimshaw.

    Students can expect to leave with a number of examples and/or finished projects.

    Location:  Cheltenham Center for The Arts, 439 Ashbourne Road, Cheltenham, PA. 19012


    • Bring your favorite jewelry making tools (Materials and specialty tools will be supplied by the instructor.)
    • Bring your lunch. There is a small refrigerator in the studio. If your lunch is large — keep it in an insulted bag. If you want to purchase lunch — there are fast food restaurants nearby. You can also order food like Pizza, Sandwiches and Sushi from a few menus onsite.

    Parking is free and on site.

    • 06/09/2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 06/10/2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Delaware Art Museum
    • 2

    Fabricating jewelry with wire is a beautiful, economical, and sometimes challenging process. This workshop is a compilation of tips, tricks and strategies designed to give students the confidence to tackle complex wire fabrication tasks.  We’ll discuss different types of precision dual-fuel jeweler’s torches, and cover lots of soldering methods and must-have tools for simplifying complicated fabrication jobs.  Students can put their new knowledge to practice by designing and building their own wireframe rings or pendants.

    Instructor: Nash Quinn,   nqville@gmail.comwww.nashquinn.com

     Date:  June 9th & 10th      9AM to 5 PM with a 1/2 hour lunch break

    Location:  Delaware Art Museum, 2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington, DE  

     Student supply list: ( The studio has the first 2 bullet points)

     Wireframe fabrication doesn’t require a great array of specific tools or materials.  Students will be able to complete this workshop successfully with a basic set of hand tools as found in most jewelry studios.  Students can bring their own tools, or utilize shared tools provided by the studio.  We’ll be fabricating primarily with sterling silver wire. Students are welcome to bring their own supply of silver wire of any shape – square, round, patterned, etc.  Gauges between 20 and 12 are the most useful.  I will bring a selection of sterling silver wire that students can purchase directly from me, so if students arrive without any silver, they’ll be just fine.  I’ll also bring a limited set of tools that students can borrow/share during the workshop.  Below is a selection of suggested tools and materials students should bring if they already have them:

     •Basic hand tools:  Jeweler’s saw and saw blades (2/0~4/0), pliers (various shapes) and snips, hand and needle files, ring clamp, layout tools (ruler, dividers, scribe), sanding sticks and sandpaper, soldering equipment (hard, medium, and easy solder, flux, tweezers, solder pick) 

    •Other preferred bench tools students may already own– miter-cutting vise, ring mandrel, bezel mandrel, bench block, nylon hammer, etc.

     •Sterling silver wire – round, square, rectangle, pattern wire, etc.  Various gauges – 20g to 12g are the most useful. 

    •Experienced students may want to incorporate stonesetting into their designs, and can bring silver tube, sheet, bezel strips, and stones if they wish.

     Skill level -  beyound beginner to intermediate


Registration and Cancellation Policies

Enrollment deadline for workshops is 2 weeks prior to the start of the workshop to allow instructors appropriate time to order kits and prepare handouts.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel your registration, contact the workshop chairperson at least 14 days prior to the start of the workshop in order to obtain a full refund.  If you cancel less than 14 days prior and there is no waiting list, we appreciate your assistance in finding a replacement.  The canceling party will receive a refund after the workshop coordinator receives a check from the replacement.  If no replacement is found, there will be a 50% penalty.   


General questions about PSG workshops can be sent to: workshops@pagoldsmiths.org

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